Progressive LSD conversion sets


This is a completely ORIGINAL product, CLUTCH TYPE, PROGRESSIVE,




In the contemporary world of sports car development and vehicles with higher power, the Limited Slip Differential is a rarity considering the small number of factories installing them in their models. 

The Limited Slip Differential provides manifold benefits when considering sporty driving. Read more about benefits of LSD.

Our company offers products which are possible to install in any factory differential converting it into LSD. Progressive LSD conversion set we install in the space between spider gears where the friction of material achieves restriction in different drive wheels performance. 

Why Progressive LSD conversion set is better than other known products?


1. Other products relies only on preload locking the differential by using high rated springs. Specific Ramp angle design of our conversion set allows for low preload while still retaining a progressive lock capability; basically, the vehicle will feel like driving on an open diff in slow turns / street driving, but it transmits torque to both drive wheels under load (higher revs). This Video will show how it works.

2. Everyone is afraid of Material wrapping as a side effect of Similar products. Therefore we put friction shims between gears and plates. The same material from which we make our LSD clutch plates is used. This Provides much better resistance and longevity. Friction plates are replaceable.

3. Material that we use in production it the high grade tool steel.  All components are chemically heat treated for maximum durability.

4. Progressive locking allows for smooth, predictable locking. Especially when replacing an open diff, equipping Progressive LSD conversion set will completely improve the driving experience while maintaining everyday drivability.


Make sure you visit our YouTube channel to see videos of testing and installation tutorials.