Progressive LSD conversion sets


If you would like a LSD. for an automobile which does not have one already installed, you do not have to order new expensive ones. We offer *progressive LSD conversion sets for your existing factory open differential. If we do not have your make in stock we can fabricate one by special order. Conversion sets are made from high quality tool steel which is heat treated using argon gas specifications to achieve maximal precision. For all friction components we use the same materials as used in our LSD clutch sets. All parts are fabricated according to n7 quality standards.

We had lots of questions about what is the difference between our product and Phantom grip and answer is that this is completely different system. Here are some key points:
Phantom grip locks differential only by high rated springs, while our product has ramp angle on central channel where small gears axle passes through. That provides dynamic/progressive lock exactly the same as factory ZF lsd. When you press accelerator, large gear attends to spin the plate around pushing the ramp of central channel against axle increasing pressure several times more than preload.

Conclusion – while phantom has radial channel and relays only on high rated springs, our product has high rated springs to creating preload, but has dynamic lock from ramp angles as well.

We use friction shims between gears and plates. From our experience in producing LSD clutch plates, we used the same materials for friction shims which gives them high resistance and longevity, so there are no metal shavings.

Materials that we use in production are only top quality tool steel heat treated and nitrated to achieve the highest quality surface finish possible. That gives our product very high durability and longevity.

Our products have proven themselves on many race cars on hill climb, circuit and autocross, giving the competitors up to 10 seconds better times than personal bests.

So if you have any further doubts, you can watch this video or you can find some of our many satisfied customers to confirm our quality.