LSD differential carriers

We offer LSD carrier units in 168, 188 and 210mm size. Lock percentage can be set on 25, 40, 60 and 75% at your demand. We can build 2-way and 1.5 way as well. We have GKN m variable LSD units from e46 m3 and newer models.

All carrier units are set with our molybdenum-ceramics performance clutches which can be purchased separately of course.

Our carrier units and performance clutches has proven themselves in many rally, hill climb, circuit and drift cars all over the Europe. Feel the best of performance and get proper differential that suits your demands.

If you need help in choosing the right setup for you or you already know what you need, please send us inquiry and we will give our best to respond in the shortest possible time.

Full lock differential spool

For all of you who demand 100% lock we present our full lock LSD spool.

Made from the best quality tool steel hardened and nitrated to withstand all kind of conditions with the highest horse power applications. Suitable for drift use. Available for all BMW models and much more.