The company was established as kind of synthesis of racing needs primarily our own then others.

Our activity is focused on transmission system including differentials and all parts.

We deal with:

- Production of Performance friction plates for Limited slip differentials. We make them from the best quality heat-treated tool steel Molybdenum-Ceramic coated to achieve optimal relation between friction coefficient and longevity. They purpose is to withstand in all conditions in various racing disciplines without changing performance. They are well proved in large number of rally, hill climb, circuit and drift cars all over the world.

- Rebuilding and Upgrading of Limited slip Differentials both for conventional and racing cars.

- Production of all components needed for rebuild and Upgrade.

- Gear ratio changes, any kid of swaps including carriers, final drive ratios and etc.

- Production of Progressive LSD conversion sets for factory non LSD differentials. Our sets are well proved in various car models for every day and track day usage. They are made from the best quality heat-treated tool steel. For friction washers we use the same materials as for friction plates in the LSD Differential, so with our technology we managed to avoid metal shards that know to be the main problem in other similar products on the market. They are made with ‘’ramp angle’’ design which provides Progressive lock that makes our product unique.

- Rebuilding of all kind reducers for 4x4 drive especially BMW x Drive; we have solution for all buzzing within differentials of all kind vehicles; we apply absolutely the best original parts and provide one year warranty on our work.

- Sale of all necessary parts for rebuild of all kind differentials and reducers so you can buy all you need if you wish to do it yourself. That includes bearings, oil seals various washers and etc.

Our team is fully dedicated and continually strive to the technology improvement. We poses knowledge in the fields of machine materials, production Engineering, construction and 3D modeling and we strive constantly to move forward following up with the new technologies trends in the quest for continuous expanding the boundaries.

Whichever requests you may have in regard to performances of your car RACINGDIFFS will do the best to provide it for you whether to deliver the products to your address or to assemble it in our workshop. It is all about your wish!