1. Does the increase of lock percentage in Limited Slip Differential affect the final speed/acceleration?

– No, the lock percentage does not affect final drive ratio in differential in any way.

2. If Limited Slip Differential loosens up, may I continue with driving?

-In that situation, you may continue to drive the car but we recommend changing worn Friction plates as soon as possible because metal shavings that are produced can further damage differential and destroy it completely.

3. Is it necessary to maintain Limited slip Differential and how?

-Clutch type Limited Slip Differential contains friction plates that wear through time. Depending on a driving style it is necessary to change them when you feel that your differential is loosen in order to prevent additional damage of differential. It is also good to change the differential oil once in two years.

4. Does your Progressive LSD conversion set requires special installation and additional modifications?

-The conversion set is designed to be simple for installation. However, we recommend performing installation in certain professional conditions and by trained staff. There is possibility for some small modifications on differential itself but we have explained all in the manual for installation which you will get along with the package.

5. Do I need special lubricants when installing Progressive LSD conversion set in my differential?

– You should be using lubricants for Limited slip Differentials with LSD/LS label.
We recommend Motul Gear Competition 75w140 or Castrol Syntrax 75W140 LS

6. Is it possible to buy bearings and oil seals at your place?

-We offer all necessary parts for rebuilding of differentials including bearings, oil seals, etc.

7. Which is the payment method and how you send the goods?

– We prefer PayPal as payment method. After placing the order and completing your payment, we ship your package with registered air mail. Tracking number is provided.

8. What if I don’t have PayPal?

In that case, just send us an email with your delivery address and we will return you invoice with instructions for bank transaction. It is very simple.

9. Do you offer express delivery service?

-We can send you parcel with TNT express service which usually takes 5 days for delivery to your home. Please send us inquiry for shipping expenses.